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Company structure

Operational results 2021

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Crude steel production

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Coal sales volumes including intercompany sales

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Iron ore sales volumes including intercompany sales

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Severstal puts significant effort into creating meaningful contributions to the future of our local communities on top of the minimum benchmark of meeting regulatory requirements. Severstal develops multi-party cooperation channels to work with the federal government, local authorities and communities in our regions.

Divisional structure

Severstal comprises two main industrial divisions: Severstal Resource and Severstal Russian Steel.

Severstal Resource

Severstal Resource covers all Severstal's mining assets and is the key element of Severstal's vertically integrated business model.
It covers Severstal Russian Steel's iron ore and hard coking coal needs almost entirely, and also sells raw materials to external clients. Enterprises of the Severstal Resourse division mine their own iron ore and coking coal in Russia. The average number of Severstal Resource employees in 2019 was 13 957 people.

Strategic priorities for 2022

Investments in Severstal’s Russian Steel division in 2022 will totally amount to $1,123 mln: $675 mln will be allocated to development projects and $246 mln to maintenance.

The most important projects are redesigned 13 mln tonnes crude steel capacities project with new technical solutions, long mill 170, 100 MW combined heat and power plant with electric air-blowing station, modernization of crude benzol rectification department, technical modernization of Hot-dip aluminizing continuous line, as well as preparatory works for the blast furnace 5 modernization.

Severstal Russian Steel

The Company's key asset - Cherepovets Steel Mill - is one of the most cost effective metallurgical enterprises in the world. It stands out by its beneficial placement close to Severstal's extractive industries, ports of Baltic Sea and Russian industrial areas.

In a wide range of products, high value-added flat products account for the largest share, while the output of long products for the construction industry and further processing products is growing.

Sales by industries, 2021
Construction and service processing
Oil and gas

Strategic priorities for 2022

Investments in 2022 will amount to $503 mln: $203 mln of which will be used to develop production.

One of the most important development projects will be the main phase of construction of the Cyclic-flow technology complex at Karelsky Okatysh, development of the Pechegubsky field at the Olkon, Yakovlevsky mine and Karelsky Okatysh ramp up.

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