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Amur Gas Processing Plant

The Amur Gas Processing Plant being built by Gazprom near Svobodny, Amur Region, will be one of the largest natural gas processing facilities in the world.
The plant will be an important link in the process chain of supplying natural gas via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.
Severstal was engaged in a plant construction project in partnership with Linde AG (Germany).
The joint venture, Linde Severstal manufactured and supplied large-capacity coil-wound heat exchangers, which are one of the principal links in the process chain for helium production.
The coil-wound heat exchanger (CWHE) is the core process equipment of natural gas liquefaction and processing units.
One of the CWHE advantages is the ability to withstand critical temperature and pressure values inside the pipes. The apparatus is also capable of processing corrosive and nonuniform mediums.
To date, Linde Severstal has successfully built two CWHEs to be installed at Amur GPP.

Gazprom Portovaya LNG

Launching this facility is crucial for the economic and social development of the nation. It will increase
Russian LNG exports, as well as liquefied petroleum gases (LPG). The production of ethane, which is in
high demand by the domestic industry, will increase significantly.
High-strength pipes specially developed for this project were used to build a gas transportation system in the extremely harsh natural conditions of Yamal.
For this project, Severstal was the first domestic company to develop the production of Cryonix X7Ni9 — cryogenic steel, according to the EN standard, with a 9% nickel content.
This novel steel was developed as part of the Import Substitution Program for construction materials, tightly cooperating with Gazprom.
Cryogenic steel Cryonix X7Ni9 shows high resistance to cold at low temperatures (as low as minus 196 °C) and is designed to be used in making inner shells for liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks.
In 2018, Severstal’s Steel Service Center in Kolpino manufactured of these sheets about 700 tonnes of structural elements to be used in the construction of the LNG storage tank at the Portovaya CS.
Cryogenic steel Cryonix X7Ni9 is certified according to the European quality norms and standards, which enables Severstal to participate in projects that require CE certification.

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