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Cookie Policy

Controller, namely, AO Severstal Management (legal address Russian Federation, Moscow, Clara Zetkin street, b. 2; E-mail for communication ANNA.KUZMINA@SEVERSTAL-SSC.RU) uses and processes Cookie files to improve the functionality of its website,

This policy is an addition to our Personal data protection and processing policy.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with it, to learn what personal data we gather and process, and to understand your rights.

This policy explains:

  • What is cookie file.
  • Which cookies we use on our websites.
  • For what purposes we use cookies, and how long they are stored.
  • How can you manage them.

We also draw your attention to the fact that Severstal has pages on social networks. These sites also use and process cookies. This Policy does not apply to these third-party cookies. We therefore encourage you to read the cookie policies of these sites separately to understand what cookies they use and for what purposes.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that, when using a website, are downloaded to the user's device when certain content is loaded. Cookies contain information about how the website is used, by summarizing the standard information in the log entries (IP address, connection time, connection duration), as well as information about the actions taken on the website.

2. Why cookies are necessary and what are their functions.

We use cookies to remember and apply your settings and preferences, to learn about your use of our sites, to enable you to log in, to show relevant ads, to fight fraud, to analyze the performance of our sites, and for other legitimate purposes.

The first type of cookies is functionally and technically necessary cookies, without which the full operation of the website would not be possible. Websites are designed in such a way that they do not support session statuses, they do not have their own memory, so if the user visits different sections of the website, it does not recognize them as the same person. The cookie allows the website to recognize the user. Therefore, the primary function of cookies is to allow the website server to get information about the user's session, language used, currency, etc., and also to ensure the full functionality of the website. This group of cookies also includes cookies that store your consent or rejection of usage of analytical cookies, so that your choice is repeated without constant questions about the use of cookies.

The second type of cookies is analytical cookies, which are necessary to help analyze the website. For example, in order to understand the actions of visitors on the website, thus enabling us to improve and provide users with a more user-friendly website, the services of visitor analysis used in the legitimate interest of the controller, are used to inform society to represent, develop and carry out economic activities. You may refuse the use of analytical cookies, so you will only have functional cookies installed, without which the operation of the website would not be possible.

3. Do we use our own or third-party cookies on our websites?

When you're visiting our website, cookies on your device are stored not only by us but also by third parties.

Analytical cookies are provided by analytical services:

·         YANDEX, LLC, provided under User Agreement for Yandex Services, YANDEX LLC Privacy Policy и Terms of Use of Yandex.Metrica service,

for evaluating the activities of visitors and preparing an appropriate summary report for the controller. The ability to identify you is reduced to a minimum, however, the above actions do not ensure complete anonymity of data.

4. Disallowing analytical cookies

You can change or withdraw your consent to use cookies at any time at our Cookie Settings page.

You can also restrict or disallow the use of cookies in your browser settings. Most browsers provide information about cookies and the ability to manage them. You can set your browser so that each time you use a cookie, you receive a notification prompting you to allow or disallow the use of the cookie. Also, in the browser settings, you can disable the use of all cookies or allow only those that are returned to the server that saved them. 

Please be aware that permanently blocking the use of cookies may make it difficult to browse certain websites.

5. Policy changes

Our cookie policy can be changed if necessary.  This page provides relevant policy version.

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